Textiles accepted in "clothing" donation bins

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Keep out of Landfill via Special Program:
If your city or town is listed below, click on its name to see the local clothing/textiles instructions for its residents. Clothing and textiles can be torn or stained, but must be clean (i.e. laundered), dry and odorless. Statewide options that are open to all RI residents are also listed below. Fees may apply. RIRRC does not recommend any one business or organization over another.

If clothing/textiles are not laundered, are wet, and/or carry an odor, they belong in the trash.

Remember, when it comes to TEXTILES, items need only be dry, odorless, and bagged to be eligible for DROP-OFF in any "clothing" donation bin. 

Bin contents are sorted, and items are then resold, repaired then resold, re-manufactured into things like shop rags, or recycled into things like insulation.  

City/Town Resident Options:
Statewide Options: