Charlestown Mini A to Z

These items have a Charlestown-specific instruction: 

Questions about the Charlestown-specific information? 

Transfer Station - Charlestown Residential Collection Center (CRCC): 50 Sand Hill Road, Charlestown. Hours: Mon., Thurs., Fri., Sat., 8am-4pm. Residential stickers are required, $20 fee per year. Bag tags are $15.00 per sheet ($3.00 each/sold as a sheet of 5). Visit the Charlestown CRCC Rules & Regulations page.

Department of Public Works (DPW): 4540 South County Trail, Charlestown. Hours: 7:30am-3:30pm.
Contact: 364-1230; Charlestown DPW website.


Appliances (large/white goods): Drop off at CRCC for a fee of $5/per item. 

Appliances (w/ Freon): Drop off at CRCC for a fee of $25.

Auto Batteries: Drop off at CRCC.

Books:  Look for book collection boxes throughout the Town, or donate books to the local libraries.

Bulky Rigid Plastic: Drop off at CRCC.

Bulky Waste: Drop off at CRCC for a fee of $5/per item.

Carpeting/Rugs: Drop off at CRCC into the Construction & Demolition Debris $0.12/lb, $12 minimum.

Christmas Trees: Drop off at CRCC. No fee for leaf & yard waste, but brush is $0.08/lb, $8 minimum. 

Clothing/Textiles: Drop off at CRCC into the Kiducation collection container

Construction & Demolition Debris: Drop off at CRCC, $0.12/lb, $12 minimum.

E-waste: Drop off at state e-waste container in Narragansett at the Department of Public Works Maintenance Facility, 260 Westmoreland Street, Narragansett. Access is available Monday-Friday from 7:30am-3:00pm. Visit Narragansett’s website for details. 

Extra Recycling: Drop off at CRCC.

Furniture: Drop off at CRCC for a fee of $5/per item.

Leaf & Yard Waste: Drop off at CRCC. No fee for leaf & yard waste, but brush is $0.08/lb, $8 minimum.

Mattresses & Box Springs: Drop off at CRCC, free of charge, for recyclable units. There is a fee of $50 per unit for non-recyclable units (wet, mangled, excessively dirty, infested with bed bugs).

Motor Oil & Filters: Drop off at CRCC - 20 gallon limit per year.

Paper for Shredding: Free at periodic town events, call DPW for updates.

Plastic Bags & Film: Drop off at CRCC into ReStore Containers.

Propane Tanks: Drop off at CRCC, $2 per tank, limit of 4 per year per residential sticker.

Scrap Metal: Drop off at CRCC.

Small Appliances (no Freon): Typically electric items with a cord, if made primarily out of metal, can be dropped off with scrap metal

Tires: Drop off at CRCC, $5 per tire, limit of 4 per year per residential sticker.

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: This information is provided to RIRRC by the city/town. While we request that the city/town updates us when information changes, and we verify all information quarterly, you are welcome to contact the city/town directly.