Car Seats

Keep out of Landfill via Special Program:
Statewide options for disposal are listed below. Fees may apply. RIRRC does not recommend any one business or organization over another.

This item may be disassembled and parts can be dropped off at RIRRC's Small Vehicle Area for recycling, for free, during normal operating hours. The cloth and belt straps (so long as dry and odorless) can be placed in the “clothing” bin, 100% metal components in the scrap metal pile, and the bulky plastic frame may be added to the container for rigid plastics. If you have everything separated as such, tell the attendant at the scale house that you have rigid plastics, textiles, and metal (100% metal) for recycling. Questions? Call the scalehouse: 942-1430 ext. 101.

- or - 

If none of the above is an option, please dispose of this item in your regular trash.

Statewide Options: