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Put needles, lancets and needle pens into a sharps container immediately after use. Do not try to remove, bend, break, or recap needles. If you do not have a sharps container, put them into a puncture-proof plastic bleach, detergent, or coffee container, tape shut, and label "SHARPS."  Do NOT use a glass container, soda can, juice bottle, or milk container for sharps.

From a Household:
Call the Eco-Depot Program for a FREE appointment at 942-1430 x 241 or make an appointment on our website. On this page you can also download our Eco-Depot brochure, listing other HHW items you may have to dispose, and make a single trip.

Statewide options for disposal are listed below. Fees may apply. RIRRC does not recommend any one business or organization over another.

If you cannot drop off your properly prepared sharps container at an Eco-Depot event, the RI Department of Health and RI Department of Environmental Management also approve the disposal of properly prepared sharps in the landfill.  Put your properly prepared sharps container (as described above) in the center of a full, preferably dark trash bag, and put the bag out in the regular trash. Cities and towns with automated trash collection carts require all trash to fit inside the cart. 

Statewide Options: