Newspaper Covered In Hazardous Material

Rags covered in hazardous materials

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Keep out of Landfill via Special Program:
Spread them out flat, outdoors (weigh them down so they don't fly away) and let them air dry until they are stiff. They should never be put in a pile, as depending on conditions they could spontaneously combust.  The dried rags should be stored in a small, airtight, non-combustible (metal) container (like a paint can) with a tight-fitting lid.

From a RI household:
Call the Eco-Depot Program for a FREE appointment at 942-1430 x 241 or make an appointment on our website. On this page you can also download our Eco-Depot brochure, listing other HHW items you may have to dispose, and make a single trip.

From any RI source (e.g. household, business, school):
Statewide options for disposal are listed below. Fees may apply. RIRRC does not recommend any one business or organization over another.