Expired Canned Food

Recycle in Your Bin or Cart:
In order to recycle the metal cans, they must first be opened, emptied, and rinsed clean.

Compost in Your Compost Bin or Pile:
Fruits and vegetables can be rinsed and composted. If you do not compost at home, please place all food in the trash. Meat, dairy, and other processed food should not be composted at home, and always go in the trash. 

This item follows the basic rule for metal recycling in your bin or cart (it’s a can, lid, or foil). Metal cans must be empty at a minimum, but rinsed whenever possible. Foil should be clean, and bunched up. Metal lids from metal cans can be left on or placed inside. Metal lids from glass bottles and jars must be recycled loose.