Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes accepted in mixed recycling

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Recycle in Your Bin or Cart:
All cardboard must be flattened and loose (not bundled). We can accept pieces as large as 3ft x 5ft x 1in. For larger cardboard, search for oversized cardboard to find your local disposal instructions. Cities and towns with automated recycling collection carts require all cardboard to fit inside of it and not prevent emptying of the cart.

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Keep out of Landfill via Special Program:
If your city or town is listed below, click on its name to see the local cardboard instructions related to any additional size restrictions, preparation instructions or drop-off options for its residents. Statewide options that are open to anyone are also listed below. Fees may apply. RIRRC does not recommend any one business or organization over another.


This item follows the basic rule for fiber recycling in your bin/cart (it’s paper, cardboard, or a carton). Paper and cardboard must be flat. Cartons must be empty at a minimum, but rinsed whenever possible. Plastic caps (on cartons) can go back onto their plastic spouts.

City/Town Resident Options:
Statewide Options: